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Dar Caden MUSE.jpg

~ Scarf for my muse, Caden Dar- 2007

~ Caden Dar, with my Dad, DAR- 2007

Our History

DarDarsHandKnits® has grown out of its 2011 roots when the idea to create knits for children was inspired by my muse and grandson, Caden Dar (named Dar after my Dad) for whom many colours of love-infused knits were enjoyed.


'Manah would weave her love and laughter into blankets and scarfs to hold her dear grandson in warmth and joy.  Soft, colourful and whimsical, these creations were natural expressions of her love for the young boy. Caden said they felt like 'Manah Hugs'. (quote from a story by Caden's Mom, Rachel)

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